St. Louis Psychiatrist Rates

What are your rates?

In the greater metro east area, you have many options available to you for St. Louis Psychiatric Services. Because Change, Inc. Psychiatrists practice with psychotherapists as well, we’ve made a concentrated effort to provide affordable care.

As you mull over psychiatry prices, consider what kind of therapist you want, with what experience, and at what cost.  All too often, people select a psychiatrist and spend lots of money and energy, while not improving at all.

Our Practice
Change, Inc. is managed care-free, which means we’ve chosen not to be in-network for any insurance providers (Why?). And here’s the best part: You can be reimbursed for what you do pay us!  Though there may be reasons you’d like to not file with your insurance company, about 50% of our clients elect to use their out of network benefits, which means they get documentation from us to file with their insurance companies, and they’re reimbursed for what they pay out.  
St. Louis Psychiatry Services Costs

At Change, Inc. St. Louis Psychiatry, our services are affordable.  Here are our rates:

Initial Visit (30 minutes): $190

Subsequent Medication Management Visits (15 minutes): $95

That’s it!  No hidden costs or insurance fees to worry about, and we can schedule you within 10 business days of your phone call!  We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, and cash.

Like never before, St. Louis Psychiatry is Affordable.  There’s no pressure – let’s talk.  We’ll do our best to see that you get the help you need.

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